Three Main Styles of LED Dance Floor Available in The Market

Nothing quite beats night clubs, settings or dance clubs, settings or even party venues fitted with LED dance floors. The LED dance floor is a cutting age technology that is becoming more and more popular around the world to for decorating dance floors in clubs, party venues, dance floors, etc. Traditionally the LED dance floors consisted of tiles that light up with different colors however improved technology has given birth to new improved LED floors. LED floors now have more capabilities include touch sensitivity, wider color range and LEDs that are controlled by computers to display different pattern and even videos. These new capabilities of the LED floor has significantly improved the experience of the dancers to let themselves go and enjoy the music. These floors are no longer a music video or movie thing it is now easily available for sale to anyone. The dance floors are available in three main types:
These floors are composed of LEDs distributed evenly all over the flow in the same manner that pixels on a Television screen. They, therefore, have the ability to display almost anything that a computer monitor can display. The clarity of the videos depends on the resolution as the floors are available in different resolutions. The audience is therefore treated to an amazing moving graphics while they dance or watch.
2.LED interactive floors.
Their design of these tiles is similar to video floors but usually with a lower resolution with touch and sound sensitivity.The sensitive nature of the floors gives it the name interactive as they sense movements and can react. These floors also have the capability of creating complex visual effects.
The design of this type of floors is a bit different from the first two it is made using tube lights or LED strips found in various sizes. They floors emit entertaining light shows and are very durable and in case a light goes you only need to that LED at a fraction of the cost.

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